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Useful Links

This page contains some useful links.

Patent Offices

Pages providing status and other legal information related to patents and patent applications, and access to published patents and patent applications.

  • epoline comprises status information and all publically available information about the proseduction of EP patents and patent applicaions.
  • espacenet is a databas with patents and patent applications from, i.a., EPO, PCT och USA
  • USPTO/PAIR is a portal to status and prosecution information regarding US patents and patent applications.
  • USPTO/SEARCH is a search tool provided by the USPTO to enable searches for patents and patent applications in their databases. Note that there are two separate search tools. The blue square on the left relates to granted patents, and the red ones on the right for patent applications.
  • WIPO's search tool for PCT applications
  • The information site of the Japanese Patent Office. Clicking PAJ will direct you to a search page for Japanese patents and patent applications.

EQE related links

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