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Coaching of patent attorneys

For patent attorneys who want to learn more or work towards the EQE

We have many years of experience of coaching and mentoring patent attorneys and trainees on different levels, individually or in small groups. The coachings may focus on learning the day-to day work of a patent attorney and/or point towards passing the EQE.

Please contact us for a discussion of content, aim and extent of coaching.

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Rut Herbjørnsen

European Patent Attorney
Authorised Swedish Patent Attorney

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Patent applications

If we conclude that a patent would be of use for you, we can a draft patent application according to your needs and also prosecute it to grant.
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Strategisk rådgivning

Strategic advice

We will be happy to assist you in deciding which forms of protection are the best for your company and how to use them in the best possible way.
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Validering av EP-patent

Validation of European Patents

We offer validations of granted European patents in Sweden at reasonable prices. Please contact us for more information.

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