• Strategisk rådgivning

Strategic advice

Advice concerning patents and other types of protection

We will be happy to assist you in deciding which forms of protection are the best for your company and how to use them in the best possible way. When used correctly, patents and other intellectual property assets can be used to strengthen your company and increase profit. In other cases, other types of assets are more useful, for example, trademark or design protection. Often, different forms of protection may complement each other for enhanced protection. Our assessments are always based on what we believe will benefit each client the most.

Assessing ideas for patentability and usefulness of a patent

Whether or not to apply for a patent is a question of the chances of obtaining a patent, but also of how such a patent could be useful for you. This depends largely on the type of technology and the company’s situation. We can help you decide if obtaining a patent is the right path for you or if another type of protection would be more suitable. If you decide not to apply for a patent, it may be important to know how to protect your idea as a trade secret, or how to prevent others from obtaining a similar patent in the future.

Handling the IP rights of others

Knowing which patents your competitors have, or are in the process of obtaining, may be crucial to avoid spending time and money on expensive and time-consuming processes, or be forced to change products that have already been developed. We can assist in searches and assessments of the search results, and also in measures for revoking patents, or preventing grant of applications that may cause problems.

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Rut Herbjørnsen

European Patent Attorney
Authorised Swedish Patent Attorney

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Validering av EP-patent

Validation of European Patents

We offer validations of granted European patents in Sweden at reasonable prices. Please contact us for more information.

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Patent applications

If we conclude that a patent would be of use for you, we can a draft patent application according to your needs and also prosecute it to grant.
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Coaching of patent attorneys

We have many years of experience of coaching and mentoring patent attorneys and trainees on different levels, individually or in small groups.
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